About us.

Bianka Village is a dairy farm project that consists of a cattle shelter for dairy production,  we aim to create value from our natural production through processing fresh milk production into our in-house factory that produces yogurt, labneh, a variety of cheese production,  flavored yogurt, flavored and plain Ayran, flavored and plain milk, and ice-cream. Bianka Village produces packaged fresh food and coffee in its” all-day freshness “retail shops. we serve our signature retail shops with packaged foods such as salad,  cold sandwiches, soup, and “dish of the day”, we also are incharge of disturbution to our shops . The shops’ concepts are created in terms of interior design, concept, and branding.


To provide the market with outstanding, innovative technological solutions and comprehensive knowledge, paving the way for the highest quality production of Dairy production.

The Farm

is located in Damascus, Syria. 30km away from downtown.

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Dairy Factory


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